Artist of the Week: DJ la CAT

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One of the artists that is taking off like an Elon Musk rocket these days is @dj-la-cat . He has had a great stream of tracks and DJ mixes recently of which the below one is actually climbing the charts quickly!

Check out all his DJ Mixes and tracks and support him with your feedback / rating!


I am originally from Stuttgart Germany, now based in Ibiza since 10 years ago. I started DJ-ing in 1992 playing Hip Hop and Acid Jazz. Now my style could be described as: Funky, Balearic, Eclectic, Nu-Disco, Indie Dance, Deep House, House, Tech House, Electro House. Always with an organic soulful funky touch.

Last year I had DJ residencies in Ibiza at Malanga Café, Guarana Club Ibiza and Es Xiringuito and in Stuttgart, Germany at Schankstelle and Mos Eisley Oberstübchen among others. In 2019 and beginning of 2020 I also had DJ gigs in Verona and Berlin.

In 1999 I started to produce my own tracks with my partner Bert Rand (Stuttgart, Germany) under the alias NNDJT (Nervous Nerd DJ Team) with which we already had several releases over the years on several compilations. In 2018 we released our first E.P. Caña y cartera. In 2019 we collaborated on a track with the former Prince guitarist Miko Weaver (living in Ibiza) which is called ”Funkfreak” and part of our EP ”Freaks” released last summer (both on Offline Recordings).

The project NNDJT is more electronic, electro/tech house orientated whilst my DJ la CAT productions have a more funky and balearic touch. In 2018 I also released a Remix EP with 3 remixes for the Spanish band Serranitos Tropicales and in 2019 I dropped my own EP “Disco Balearica” released on Offline Recordings. Disco Balearica also describes very well my musical style: Funky Balearic Electronic Organic Beats 🙂

What are you up to currently?

For 2020 new tracks and a new EP are in progress for which I currently am looking for a good label to release. With NNDJT we have new tracks in the pipeline. Hopefully the club scene recovers soon so I can play again my residencies and other venues over the summer in Ibiza and later in autumn/winter in Stuttgart and Berlin. In the meantime I am doing DJ Mixes on Mixcloud/Soundcloud and am working on my tracks for my next EP. I am also doing some live-streaming during the ”lock-down.

How can you help other OTGS users?

I can help searching for gigs and networking in Ibiza or Stuttgart (Germany) in exchange for gigs/networking in other cities. I am also able to help with remixes and I am actually also a web designer, so if anyone needs help with their website, reach out!

How can others help you?

I am looking for a good label to release my upcoming EP for DJ la CAT and NNDJT. For some collaborations I am looking for vocalists, instrumentalists or remixers etc.). As mentioned, I am always looking for gigs in other cities or countries.

And in general I am interested in connecting and exchanging with other producers, DJs, labels and promoters.

What are you goals for 2020?

These are my goals for this year:

1. Releasing my EPs for DJ la CAT and NNDJT on a bespoke international label.

2. Do collaborations with other artists (remixes), expanding the network.

3. Play again (after the lock-down) in clubs and other venues in Ibiza and other cities around Europe.

4. Improving productions, DJ and Windsurfing-Skills 😉

Keeping the good vibes alive!


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