Are my tracks good enough?

Many producers, including myself, often wonder about the level that their productions are at. And even when they reach a pro level, many still suffer from the doubt if someone else will actually like their tracks.

Very likely this is related to the imposter syndrome; the feeling that you are not the real thing, but just a fake.

How can you actually find out if your tracks or you as a producer are good enough for the limelight?

What could you possibly do to put yourself to the test? 🙂

  1. The almost complete safe way to put your work to the test is to submit one of your tracks to one or more Record Labels on our platform. If you hear something back, you can expect it to be positive feedback or maybe even a possible release. If you don’t hear anything back, just try again.
  2. If you are a bit more adventurous why not set up a preview (or the complete track in private mode) on OTGS and share it with a few of your contacts. Or go crazy and reach out to a few new users that seem openminded and willing to provide a bit of constructive feedback without hurting your feelings. You will be positively surprised about the willingness of the OTGS community.
  3. Ones you pass this stage, you should just post a track or preview on your profile and post it in a group or in the feedback topic in the central forum and publicly ask for people to provide you with insight on how to improve. Scary? Sure, but this is the fastest way to grow your skills and at the same time build up your audience.

One pitfall to watch out for; do not ask friends and family what they think of your productions. They will not give you objective feedback that will help you grow, as they shouldn’t, they are there to emotionally (and maybe even financially) support you in your journey!

When listening to tracks from producers on OTGS, one thought comes back over and over;

There are so many amazing producers out there that just need to make that next step and take their potential by the….beats 😉

Just go for it, you won’t regret it!

P.s. helping you make that next step (and the next one and the next one) is also a key reason why we decided to build OTGS.

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