We are
On The Ground Sound

We are
On The Ground Sound

About Us

We help Music Fans, Artists, Events and Record
Labels make meaningful connections

Our Manifesto

Why we started OTGS

We started On The Ground Sound as we believe that the real connection between Artists and Music Fans is broken.

As aspiring artists ourselves, we are so frustrated with existing platforms.
They make Artists beg for likes and follows, while paying almost nothing for their work.

They make Music Fans into numbers without any connection to Artists
let alone any recognition for their awesome support to them.

Let’s create real actions and real connections, together!

Why we
started OTGS

On The Ground Sound
is a place:

Unlike others that focus on the masses, we value true experiences between people.

We are you


Event Promotors




Life Performers

Want to join us in our quest?

We are always looking for ambassadors to help us grow On The Ground Sound

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If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or simply want to connect with us, please fill in the form or send us something at: