7 crucial lessons that Michael Jordan can teach you about achieving your music goals

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You might have seen (part of) the documentary currently running on ESPN & Netflix on the life of Michael Jordan. If you have not seen it, you should, but you might want to read this post afterwards as it contains some potential spoilers.

Michael Jordan is widely seen as one of the best and probably THE best basketball player of all time. He won 6 NBA Championships, 11 MVP awards, owns the Charlotte Hornets NBA team and has the most famous and profitable shoe partnership with Nike; the Air Jordan collection going on for over 35 years!

So what does MJ’s life have to do with you reaching your musical goals?

  1. How to deal with Rejection >> Practice harder!
    Michael did not make the cut for his high school team as he was deemed not good enough! As a response, he practiced harder than everyone else, creating a hardcore work ethic that made him into the superstar he later became.

  2. Dedicate yourself to your craft
    Nothing went above winning for MJ. When you do things, do them right and with full dedication. Others will take you more serious and will be more willing to support you as you show to have a chance of making it through.

  3. Find the right supporters / mentors
    Michael had various coaches during his career, but it wasn’t until playing under coach Phil Jackson that he started to shine through and win. You need support of others that understand what you are trying to achieve and can help get the best out of you.

  4. You can not do it alone
    Michael was frequently scoring 50% of all the points the team made, but even his amazing talent and ability was not enough to win him a championship. Only when he had a team around him that could support and even lift him up, he started winning.

  5. People will try to take you down
    To stop Michael from scoring, opponents tried to take him out and he got roughed up frequently. Michael decided to build out his physique and always played on the edge, even risking injury just to make the next shot.

  6. Glory comes after hard work
    Even when you have the natural talent of a Michael Jordan, you still need to work hard and keep your head down until it is your time to reap the benefits.

  7. Be adaptable
    After winning his 6th championship, the team manager decided to break up this amazing, winning team. Michael had to reinvent himself, tried baseball, came back to basketball and ended up owning his own team. Always be ready to adjust to roadblocks and make needed turns that might seem off but will bring you back on track in the end.

So how can we help?

Well, we see ourselves as your personal coach and manager, your Phil Jackson if you will. We can help you connect with the right people to build a great team around you and we can guide you on your way to reaching any goal you might have for your music.

If you just want to have fun and socialize, we can help you find the most like-minded people to team up with. If you want to go all in and be the best, we are here for you. If you have not done so, start by setting up your goals, your skills and needs and see what our platform has to offer.

And remember, support your other team mates, it is THE way to move forward together, faster.

Team On The Ground Sound

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