Grow your audience. Release music. Find those that can help.

We make it easy for you to grow your audience and release more music by connecting you with like-minded artists, event promoters, record labels and pro service providers such as mastering engineers, musicians & singers.

Why we are different:

Personalized Guidance & Recommendations

OTGS is like having your own manager that gives guidance, presents opportunities, facilitates collaborations, gets you more gigs and always has your back.


Find the right people to help you move forward, faster!

Are you tired of fake followers and useless likes? Growing your audience by supporting each other is the way to go. We actively connect you to other users based on your goals and the help you need and offer.


We believe in you.

We are you.

There are many artists that should get more recognition than they do. We level the playing field, focus on real achievements and real support for each other and build the tools you need to reach your goals.

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All in one platform

We bring together DJs, Producers, Record Labels, Event Promoters, Gear Brands and Pro Service Providers in one place and help you build a support team around you.

Here is how we do it:

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Network & collaborate

OTGS is the central place to showcase your tracks and mixes, the events you performed at and the gear you use. Share some of your personal side and you are ready to start collaborating and networking.

Join your local Music Scene

Join a local group to build your base, network, share your music and events and find others to collaborate with.

Progress & Next steps

Get pro-active recommendations for next steps and who to connect with based on your goals and what you have in common with artists, labels and promoters.

Support others. Get support.
Find recognition.

Active support is what you need to move forward. Recognize those that support you and support those that you believe in!

Private feedback on your music. Guaranteed & free!

Embed Soundcloud, Youtube and Mixcloud tracks and DJ mixes and get private feedback on how you could improve your skills.


Send demos to Record Labels & Event Promoters

Find record labels and event promoters to send demos to. We give guidance on what to send, how and what to do next.

What the experts say:

"Collaboration accelerates things that otherwise will take 15-20 years to do."

Matt Digby, Marketing and Comm Manager @ Beatport

“There's real power in connecting as much as possible with other like-minded artists to grow and support each other's efforts”

Dominique Maldonado, director of A&R at Warner Bros. Records

It is our mission to help you succeed

Whether you want to find more gigs, release more tracks, discover new music or simply have fun collaborating with others, we are here to help you achieve it.

Ready to get started?

Connect and work with the people that can help you forward and it’s all free!