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Why join OTGS?

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Improve your skills

Get connected to the right people. Collaborate and learn faster together!

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Release more tracks

We will help you finish more tracks, find the right record label, drop a demo and getting more tracks released.

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Reach more people

Find the right label for your track. Network with promoters and share audiences with other DJs, Producers and Live Performers.

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Enjoy the process!

You are in this because of your love for Electronic Music. Here you will find like-minded industry people to share you passion with.

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Showcase an event

Show off the events you host and connect with the performing DJs, MCs and live performers.

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Discover new talent

Need fresh talent for your event? Discover DJs, Producers and Live Performers on OTGS, get a full overview of their achievements and receive demos.

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Find new audiences

Industry insiders like DJs and Producers are often early adopters that are essential to target for bringing their friends to your events.

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Find help with...

Talent Scouts, Event Producers, Roadies, Live Sound Engineers, you find them all right here.

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Showcase your label

Show off your releases and artist roster. Connect with your artists and get more exposure for your label.

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Filtered demos subs

We filter demo submissions and guide producers before submitting to your label. You receive higher quality submissions.

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Find new audiences

Through your release, artists and events you will connect with new audiences that will further grow your release sales and streams. 

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Find help with...

Need help building out your label? Social Media Marketeers, Mastering Engineers, Videographers and others can all be found on OTGS.

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Showcase your skills

Show potential clients what you do, who you have worked with and provide example of your work to get more exposure online.

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Find new clients

We automatically refer users to you based on your service, location and past clients. You get new clients without any extra effort.

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Get help with...

Can use some help with growing your business? Marketeers, Accountants, Lawyers and others can all be found here on OTGS.

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Showcase Products

Provide details about the products you have built for DJs and Producers. Link up with your users and grow your audience, which means more revenue.

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Find new audiences

A reference by a current user is a great way to convince new users to try your products. We actively promote products. All you need to do is update your profile.

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Discover new talent

On OTGS you will find up and coming talent that can help further distribute your brand throughout the Scene.

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Find help with...

Looking to grow your userbase? Need help with SEM, SEO? Or maybe some help on the business side? PRO Service Providers are here to help!

What makes us different?

Opportunities & Guidance

OTGS is like having your own manager that presents opportunities, facilitates collaborations, gives guidance, gets you more gigs, visitors or users and always has your back.

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Build relationships with everyone

A&R Reps
Artist Managers
Booking Agents
DJ / Production Instructors
DJ / Production Schools
Event Producers
Female Singers
Gear Manufacturers
Ghost Producers
Live Performers
Male Singers
Mastering Engineers
Mixing Engineers
Music Arrangers
Music Producers
Music Publishers
Radio Promoters
Recording Studios
Royalty Agents
Session Musicians
Social Media Marketeers
Sound Engineers
Talent Buyers
Topline Vocalists
Tour Managers

“This whole industry is based on relationships and needing each other.”

Olga Heijns, Laidback Luke’s Manager

“It is not easy to promote yourself, it’s easier for someone to promote you.”

Maxine Bradshaw, Carl Cox’s First Manager

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Your musical resume

OTGS is the central place to showcase your music, events and gear and get input and advice to accelerate your progress. Share some of your personal side and you are ready to start networking.

We want you to reach your full potential

It is our team’s mission to help you build meaningful relationships in the Electronic Music Scene and get the recognition that you want.

Ready to get started?